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8 Best Pickleball Sunglasses for Men and Women

Pickleball is a fun sport that mixes tennis, badminton, and ping pong. It’s usually played outside, so wearing the right pickleball sunglasses is important. The sun can be really bright and can bounce off the court, making it hard to see. If you don’t wear sunglasses, you might squint, miss the ball, or make mistakes.

The sun can also hurt your eyes over time. If you’re in the sun too much, you could get cataracts, eye damage, or growths on your eye. If you wear good sunglasses made for sports, you can see better when you play. The right glasses can help you see the ball without squinting, so you can hit it back more accurately.

Polarized lenses are great for reducing glare, but non-polarized ones work well too. Wraparound sunglasses can also block extra sunlight from the sides. Besides reducing glare for better performance, sunglasses are important for eye health. Lenses that protect against 100% of UV rays can reduce the risk of eye damage and future vision problems or diseases.

Sports sunglasses, therefore, let pickleball players enjoy their game outdoors for longer without worry. They not only make the game safer but also improve performance. So, for any serious pickleball player, buying sunglasses is a smart decision. Especially on bright outdoor courts, high-quality sunglasses with protective lenses are essential for both performance and safety.

The 8 Best Sunglasses For Pickleball: A Quick Comparison

Image Product Details   Price
1 Oakley Men’s Radar Ev Path Rectangular Sunglasses Material: Plastic
Color: Multi Options
Reviews: 4.7 out of 5 stars
Check Price
Franklin Sports Pickleball Sunglasses n Franklin Sports Pickleball Sunglasses Material: PVC
Color: Red
Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars
Check Price
Tifosi Tyrant 2.0 Polarized Wrap Sunglasses Tifosi Tyrant 2.0 Polarized Wrap Sunglasses Material: Nylon
Color: Multi Options
Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars
Check Price
Duduma TR601 Polarized Pickleball Sunglasses for Men Women Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses Material: Polycarbonate
Color: Black
Reviews: 4.2 out of 5 stars
Check Price
ATTCL Polarized Wrap Sunglasses For Men ATTCL Polarized Wrap Sunglasses For Men Material: TR 90
Color: Multi Options
Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars
Check Price
ONIX Pickleball Falcon Eyewear Sun Protection ONIX Pickleball Eagle Eyewear Sun Protection Material: Rubber
Color: White
Reviews: 4.3 out of 5 stars
Check Price
Swick Sunglasses Swick Pickleball Sunglasses Material: Grilamid TR-90
Color: Multi Options
Reviews: 4.6 out of 5 stars
Check Price
STORYCOAST Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men and Women STORYCOAST Polarized Sports Sunglasses Material: Polycarbonate
Color: Black, Blue
Reviews: 4.4 out of 5 stars
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The 8 Best Sunglasses For Pickleball: [Non-Polarize and Lens Colour Options]

1. Oakley Men’s Radar Ev Path Rectangular Sunglasses

As an avid pickleball player, I’m always on the lookout for high-quality, performance sunglasses that can stand up to the demands of the game. After testing numerous options, I found the Oakley Holbrook XL sunglasses to be the clear winner. These sunglasses excel in every area.

The Plutonite lenses offer 100% UV protection and unbeatable clarity, allowing me to track the ball with ease. I also love the Prizm Deep H2O polarized lenses, which enhance colour and reduce glare on bright courts. The patented High Definition Optics provide razor-sharp vision from all angles, critical for following those fast volleys.

Beyond the optics, these sunglasses boast a lightweight, durable frame assembled in the USA. The soft vault case and the included microfiber cloth make storage and cleaning a breeze. For unparalleled performance and protection on the pickleball court, the Oakley Holbrook XL sunglasses deliver.

Their superior comfort, clarity, and UV protection make them my go-to for long days of pickleball play. It can be used for running, biking, softball, golf, and dragon boating. stays in place during physical activity.

editor,s pick
Oakley Men’s Rectangular Pickleball Sunglasses

I love these pickleball sunglasses because they are lightweight, comfortable, and offer great glare protection. The quality is top-notch, the lenses provide excellent visibility and brightness, and the prism feature is a nice touch. They also fit perfectly and look great. Plus, you can’t beat the value for the price. I highly recommend these sunglasses!


  • 100% UV protection with Plutonite lenses
  • Prizm-polarized lenses enhance colour and reduce glare
  • Patented high-definition optics for sharp vision
  • Durable and lightweight frame made in the USA
  • Includes protective case and cleaning cloth


  • It does not provide much protection from glare of sun, though
  • It might be expensive for being plastic

2. Franklin Sports Pickleball Sunglasses

As a passionate pickleball player, I need stylish, high-performing sunglasses that can keep up with my active lifestyle on the court. After testing numerous options, I found the Rivbos RB3018 to be the ideal pickleball sunglasses.

The lightweight polycarbonate frames and lenses make these sunglasses incredibly durable yet comfortable to wear. Plus, the lenses provide full UV protection, so I can play for hours without worrying about eye damage from the sun.

While designed for racquet sports like pickleball, these versatile sunglasses also work great for other activities like cycling or skiing thanks to their sporty style and snug fit. I love that they come with an adjustable headband to prevent slipping during intense volleys.

Storing and protecting these sunglasses is effortless with the included carrying bag. Whether I’m heading to the courts or packing for a tournament, the bag keeps them safe from scratches.

For stylish performance and lasting quality, the Rivbos RB3018 pickleball sunglasses deliver on all fronts. Their comfort, adjustability, and UV protection make them the ideal eye protection for any pickleball player.

Pickleball Sunglasses for men
Franklin Pickleball Sunglasses
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

These sunglasses are perfect for pickleball and tennis lovers, made from a durable TR90 frame for long-lasting use. They have lenses that protect against UVA and UVB rays, so the sun won’t interrupt your pickleball game! While they’re designed for pickleball, these versatile sunglasses are also great for other sports like tennis, rowing, cycling, and kayaking. They come with a removable head strap to keep them in place during your game. It also includes a soft drawstring case for safe storage and easy transport.


  • Lightweight and durable polycarbonate frames and lenses
  • Provides full UV protection while playing
  • Multi-sport utility goes beyond just pickleball
  • Includes adjustable headband for secure fit
  • A carry bag included for storage and protection


  • Arms fold in on the inside of the lens and cause scratch

3. Tifosi Tyrant 2.0 Polarized Wrap Sunglasses

As a pickleball player, having the right sunglasses is crucial for peak performance on the court. After testing numerous options, I found the Tifosi Seek FC sunglasses to be the clear winner for pickleball.

The smoke-polarized Fototec lenses are perfect for reducing glare on sunlit courts. They adapt effortlessly from low-light to bright-light conditions. The vented design prevents fogging even during intense games while still blocking 100% of harmful UV rays.

Weighing only 24 grams, the durable Grilamid TR-90 frames are ultra-lightweight for all-day comfort. The adjustable nose and ear pieces allow me to customize the fit. The hydrophilic rubber pads also increase grip as I sweat, keeping the sunglasses secure.

Overall, the Tifosi Seek FC sunglasses provide unbeatable performance and protection on the pickleball court. Their adaptive polarized lenses, fog-preventing vents, customizable fit, and featherlight durability make them the ideal choice.

Whether I’m playing singles or doubles pickleball,. They also come in multiple colours, allowing you to match your favourite pickleball gear.

ultra lightweight pickleball sunglasses
Tifosi Tyrant Polarized Pickleball Sunglasses
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Tifosi sunglasses have a frame made of Grilamid TR-90 nylon, which makes them light and strong. They have adjustable hydrophilic rubber ear pieces to fit any face shape. The lenses are designed with vents to increase airflow, prevent fogging, and keep you cool.


  • Smoke-polarized Fototec lenses adapt and reduce glare
  • Vented lenses prevent fogging while providing UV protection
  • Ultra-lightweight Grilamid TR-90 frames for comfort
  • Adjustable and hydrophilic rubber nose and ear pads for secure fit
  • Ideal for pickleball and other sports like golf and cycling


  • The only downside is that the nose bridge is a little wide, and the lenses are slightly on the smaller side

4. Duduma Polarized Sports Sunglasses

As a pickleball player, you need eyewear that enhances your performance on the court. Check out the RIVBOS RB3016 pickleball sunglasses to take your game up a notch.

The polarized, high-definition lenses will restore true colour for you while cutting through reflected and scattered light. You’ll be able to see the ball clearer and more accurately, even in bright conditions. The lenses also filter out 99% of harmful UV rays up to 400nm to protect your eyes during play.

The durable polycarbonate frames are featherlight yet provide impact protection. You’ll barely notice them on your face. But the specially designed legs will grip firmly in place as you sprint and dive on the court.

With optimal coverage and vision engineered for pickleball, these sunglasses are made for your sport. See the difference polarized, protective eyewear can make for your game. Experience sharper vision, reduced glare, and rock-solid stability when you play in the RIVBOS RB3016 sunglasses! These sunglasses are lightweight and stay in place on my nose even when I am playing aggressively.

pickleball Sunglasses for men and women
Duduma Pickleball Sunglasses
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Experience the Duduma difference with ultra-light Tr601 frame. It’s so light, you’ll barely feel it on your face. This frame offers unmatched durability and comfort. These stylish polarized sports sunglasses are perfect for outdoor activities like skiing, golfing, cycling, running, fishing, and driving. They offer 99% UV protection. 

These sunglasses have a flattering and attractive design. They’re not just for men, but also for women. The polarized black lenses help to restore true colour and eliminate glare. These cool designer sunglasses are suitable for ladies, boys, and girls. Ideal choice for gift.


  • Seven interchangeable lens options
    Lifetime breakage warranty
  • Ideal for both men and women
  • Polarized, HD lenses restore true colour and reduce glare
  • Lenses filter 99% of UV rays up to 400nm
  • Durable, lightweight polycarbonate frames


  • Nose pads look small
  • Lens colour may not work well for all light conditions

5. ATTCL Polarized Wrap Sunglasses For Men

Looking to step up your pickleball game? The ATTCL Polarized Sports Sunglasses are the ideal eyewear to give you a visual edge on the court.

The HD polarized lenses will restore true colour while eliminating glare and reflections for you. You’ll be able to track the ball with crystal clarity, even in bright sunlight. The UV400 coating also provides superior protection from harmful rays.

The TR90 frames are remarkably lightweight and durable enough to withstand active play. You’ll barely notice them on your face during quick volleys and lunges. The integrated nose pads and wrap-around curvature ensure a comfortable, stay-put fit that blocks UV from all angles.

See the difference the right pickleball sunglasses make for your performance. Experience sharper vision and total UV protection with the sleek style and performance of ATTCL. Take your game to the next level and reduce sun exposure with these high-quality polarized sunglasses designed for athletes like you!

Polarized pickleball Sunglasses For Men
Polarized Wrap Sunglasses For Men
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

I won’t be purchasing expensive sunglasses anymore! These glasses are as good, if not better, than the costly branded ones that cost over $100-150. They are affordable and perfect for pickleball. It come with a hard case, a fastener, a soft cloth bag, and a lens cleaning cloth. They are lightweight and have amazing lens clarity. They are the best budget-friendly sunglasses for pickleball and other outdoor sports.


  • HD polarized lenses restore true colour and eliminate glare
  • UV400 coating provides superior UV eye protection
  • Featherlight TR90 frames are durable and comfortable
  • The wrap-around design blocks UV rays from all angles
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Lens tint could be too dark for overcast days
  • Integrated nose pads may not grip enough for some wearers

6. ONIX Pickleball Eagle Eyewear Sun Protection

Up your pickleball game with the Falcon Safety Pickleball Sunglasses. With these high-performance shades, you’ll have the visual clarity and protection needed to excel on the court.

The lightweight yet impact-resistant frames offer durable comfort. The lenses provide 99.9% UV protection and feature anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings, so you can play for hours with crisp, unobstructed vision.

With three interchangeable tinted lenses to choose from, you can optimize visibility in any light condition. The included clear, smoke, and blue options have you covered.

The soft rubber nose pieces prevent slipping, while the adjustable head strap and ear pads allow you to customize the fit. You can trust the secure fit and grip of these Falcon sunglasses to stay firmly in place during active play.

See the difference proper eyewear makes for your pickleball game. Experience unbeatable performance and protection with the Falcon Safety Sunglasses!

best under $50 pickleball sunglaSSES
ONIX Pickleball Falcon Eyewear Sun Protection
ONIX Pickleball Falcon Eyewear Sun Protection
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

The ONIX Pickleball Falcon Eyewear sunglasses are designed for intense pickleball games. They have 99.9% UV protection and strong lenses that resist scratches and fogging. The set comes with three lens colours – clear, smoke, and blue tint. They have soft nose pieces for comfort and ear pads for a secure fit during play. The glasses also come with an adjustable strap and a microfiber pouch for storage.


  • Lightweight, impact-resistant frames for durability
  • Lenses block 99.9% of UV rays
  • Anti-scratch and anti-fog lens coatings
  • Includes 3 interchangeable tinted lenses
  • Adjustable fit with nose and head straps


  • Frames may feel bulky for some wearers
  • Changing lenses could be tricky

7. Swick Pickleball Sunglasses

Looking to optimize your vision and comfort on the pickleball court? Check out the Tifosi Sledge Pickleball Sunglasses. With these high-performance shades, you’ll have a visual advantage during play.

The smoke lenses with a blue mirror coating provide glare-cutting colour while blocking 100% of UV rays. You’ll be able to track the ball with vivid clarity in any sunny condition.

Weighing just 26 grams, the durable Grilamid TR90 frames are ultra-lightweight for all-day comfort. The integrated hinge prevents pulled hairs, while the hydrophilic nose pads grip better as you sweat. Tifosi’s Glide technology also ensures a secure, non-slip fit.

With a medium to extra-large fit, these sunglasses are designed for athletic builds and active lifestyles like yours. And the included microfiber bag makes storage and cleaning a breeze.

See the difference the right sunglasses make for your pickleball performance. Experience sharp vision, featherlight comfort, and a stay-put fit with the Tifosi Sledge!

ideal pickleball sunglasses under $30
Swick SPORTS Sunglasses
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Swick’s frames are known for being light and comfortable. Their lenses are made from unbreakable polycarbonate, offering complete UV protection. The soft rubber nose pads become grippier as you sweat, enhancing comfort. The built-in hinge maintains the frame’s slim look and prevents it from pulling hair.


  • Smoke lenses with blue mirror coating reduce glare
  • Block 100% of harmful UV rays
  • Ultra-lightweight Grilamid TR90 frames
  • Integrated hinge prevents pulled hairs
  • Tifosi Glide technology for secure fit


  • Lens colour may not work well for low-light conditions
  • Nose pads could be too slick for some wearers

8. STORYCOAST Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men and Women 

Step up your pickleball game with the best sunglasses for pickleball—STORYCOAST pickleball sunglasses! These shades are designed to elevate your performance with their polarized lenses, providing 100% UV400 protection against harmful rays. Say goodbye to glare and hello to clear, soft scenery, thanks to the elimination of reflected and scattered light.

Crafted with a lightweight, impact-resistant frame, these sunglasses ensure a comfortable fit during fast-paced movements on the court. Not just for pickleball, these fashion-forward sports sunglasses are versatile enough for various outdoor activities like cycling, running, fishing, and more.

The package includes two sunglasses, an outer box, a glasses bag, a cleaning cloth, a stainless steel screwdriver, a polarized glasses test card, and two glasses lanyards, making it a perfect gift set. STORYCOAST is committed to quality, offering excellent service and a solution to any issues you may encounter. Upgrade your game and protect your eyes with STORYCOAST Sports Sunglasses!

Polarized Pickleball Sunglasses for Men and Women
Polarized Sports Sunglasses for Men and Women 
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

Lightweight sunglasses are durable and perfect for sports, providing comfort. Their anti-scratch coatings have been upgraded for better quality. They are ideal for activities like running, skiing, cycling, hiking, tennis, pickleball, fishing, golf, or motorcycle driving. These sunglasses effectively protect your eyes from UV rays, wind, insects, and dust.


  • Polarized lenses restore true colour and eliminate glare
  • 100% UV400 coating provides complete UV protection
  • Durable polycarbonate frames are impact- and scratch-resistant
  • Lightweight design ideal for sports and activities
  • Includes protective case, cloth, lanyard and other accessories


  • Arms could be too short for wearers with wide faces

Factors to Consider When Choosing Pickleball Sunglasses

When it comes to choosing pickleball sunglasses, there are several factors to consider. Firstly, it’s important to prioritize sunglasses that effectively protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Look for sunglasses with UV protection and polarized lenses to prevent glare and improve visibility on the court.

Additionally, consider the fit and comfort of the sunglasses, as you’ll want a pair that stays securely on your face during intense gameplay. Durability is also a key factor, so opt for well-made, shatter-resistant lenses or consider using safety glasses for extra protection. With these factors in mind, you can confidently select the best sunglasses for safe and enjoyable pickleball play.


Lens Material and UV Protection

When choosing sunglasses for pickleball, you want lenses that block both UVA and UVB rays from the sun. These ultraviolet rays can negatively affect your eyes and vision over time if you don’t protect against them.

Most quality sports sunglasses have lenses made from either polycarbonate or Trivex. Both of these plastic-based materials offer excellent protection against UV rays. Unfortunately, kids are often neglected when it comes to quality sunglasses. I often see young kids out playing in the sun without sunglasses.

Polycarbonate is a very strong and impact-resistant material. Lenses made from it are lightweight, durable, and block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. This makes them a great choice for sports like pickleball, where fast-moving balls can potentially hit your eyewear.

Trivex is another sturdy lens material that is optically clearer than polycarbonate. It is not quite as impact-resistant, but Trivex lenses still block 100% of harmful UVA and UVB light. This crystal-clear vision and UV protection lend well to sports where you need to closely track a ball.

Polarized vs Non-Polarized Lenses

When choosing lenses for pickleball eyewear, one decision is polarized or non-polarized. Both can reduce glare, but polarized lenses offer enhanced glare-cutting ability.

Glare occurs when sunlight bounces off flat surfaces like concrete or water and gets reflected into your eyes. This can make it challenging to track balls on an outdoor pickleball court. It leads to eye strain and visibility issues.

Polarized lenses have a special chemical filter that blocks glare by only allowing light waves travelling vertically to pass through. This means reflected horizontal light waves that cause glare are cancelled out.

Benefits of Polarized Lenses:

  • Cut glare more effectively, especially off water or flat surfaces
  • Sharper vision and comfort in high-glare settings
  • Easier tracking of ball’s flight path

Downsides of Polarized Lenses:

  • Often more expensive than non-polarized
  • Can distort visibility of LCD screens
  • Not ideal for low natural light conditions

Non-polarized lenses still reduce glare by filtering and absorbing light. But they allow all light wave orientations to pass through. So horizontal reflected light causing glare is only lessened rather than eliminated.

The pros of polarization for cutting glare make these lenses ideal for bright outdoor play. But the choice ultimately comes down to preference, priorities, and the playing conditions expected. Both lens types aid vision and should provide ample eye protection.

Lens Colour and Visibility

The tint or colour of your lenses impacts how well you can see and track balls coming at you on a pickleball court. Different colours work better in certain light conditions.

Darker grey or brown lenses are ideal for bright sunlight. They cut their glare sharply while still allowing enough light through to follow the ball against sharp contrast. This makes the classic grey or brown lens shades a reliable choice.

Yellow or amber lenses excel in low light,like on cloudy days. They brighten your view and heighten contrast for improved visibility. Yellow is very popular for tennis and pickleball for this reason.

Mirrored-coating lenses take glare reduction even further. The flash mirror effect severely cuts brightness while not hampering ball visibility. Great for direct sun but poorer visibility in shade.

Clear or light rose tints are best for nighttime or heavily overcast days. They allow maximum light transmission, so you can track balls with low natural light available. Too light for bright conditions.

No matter the colour, the best lenses offer visual sharpness and enough contrast to keep the ball in sight. Try different shades to learn what tint works for common playing conditions. Having interchangeable lenses helps adapt to lighting shifts.

Frame Style and Fit

When selecting sunglasses for pickleball, you want a secure and stable fit that stays put during quick head movements and action. But also one tailored to your comfort and style needs.

Wrap-Around Frames Wrap-around or curved frames help securely lock the glasses in place. The arms wrap back towards the ears rather than sticking straight out. This prevents slippage while looking side to side or up and down rapidly to follow the ball. A sturdy wrap-around frame is ideal for keeping sunglasses firmly planted.

Comfort & Adjustability Padding on the bridge and arms with adjustable, rubberized tips helps customize a comfortable fit. Tight enough not to slip, but avoid pressing too firmly. Flex hinges also allow custom shaping. Getting the right personal fit reduces distractions during play.

Lens Size Coverage Larger lenses, especially wrap-arounds, provide complete protection from sun exposure and glancing rays. Smaller styles leave the peripherals more vulnerable to brightness. Lens size is partly a personal preference, balancing coverage with comfort.

Trying out different frame styles and sizes is recommended. Wrap-around designs often work very well for stability while active in pickleball. But go with the frame shape and proportions that stay most secure and distraction-free on your head.

Added Features

Beyond lenses and frames, some useful added features to look for in quality pickleball sunglasses include:

Interchangeable Lens Options Models with interchangeable lenses allow you to swap out tints for different light conditions. Having a mirrored, polarized lens for sun plus a rose or clear lens for variable weather proves handy. Easy lens swapping is a versatile benefit.

Prescription Readiness

For those requiring vision correction, some frames accommodate attaching prescription lenses. Look for Rx-ready frames to upgrade for your exact prescription. This avoids contacts or a separate pair.

Premium Cases

Look for shades that include a sturdy storage case rather than just a basic cloth pouch. Hard cases better protect the glasses and lenses when not worn. Some higher-end models have cases that convert to stands for convenience between games.

Other extras, like neck straps for backups or lens cleaning kits, also come in handy. Added frills bump up the price, but interchangeable, adaptive lenses and durable cases present useful upgrades if within budget. Evaluate options balancing features with pricing and planned pickleball conditions.

What is the best lens colour for pickleball glasses?

There is no single “best” lens colour that works perfectly for every pickleball player in all conditions. However, based on the playing environment pickleball usually occurs in, there are a couple of top contending lens color options:

Brown Lenses

Brown-tinted lenses are a top choice recommended by many pickleball pros and enthusiasts. The brown colour provides excellent visibility and contrast when playing in sunny, bright conditions.

By filtering out excess bluish light, brown lens tints sharpen definition while still allowing plenty of light transmission to track the ball. They also reduce glare and squinting in full sun. The subtle colour doesn’t overly alter natural vision. That makes brown lenses ideal for clear, sunny days on the pickleball court.

Rose or Vermillion Lenses

For more variable weather and lower light levels that occur earlier/later in the day, rose-colored lenses are suggested. Often called vermillion or a lighter pink tint, these lenses heighten contrast in low light.

This amplifies visibility on cloudy days or when shadows start creeping across the court in the evening. Rose also cuts glare well without overly darkening your view. This versatility across different conditions makes rose lens shades a wise choice alongside brown lenses for adaptable vision.

So while brown lenses optimize bright light play, rose or vermillion lenses aid visibility for weather variability. Ultimately having both readily available makes a perfect pickleball pair of sunglasses!

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What is the best lens color for indoor pickleball Players?

When playing pickleball indoors, the most recommended sunglass lens colors are:

Clear Lenses

For indoor pickleball, clear lenses allow maximum visibility and light transmission since artificial lighting is lower than outdoor brightness. Clear lenses don’t alter or filter the light environment much, providing a natural viewing experience.

They allow the eyes to optimally track balls on an indoor court without light distortion. This makes clear lenses a top choice for indoor play.

Yellow Lenses

Yellow-tinted lenses are another excellent option for indoor play. The subtle yellow hue sharpens contrast and depth perception under artificial lighting. Yellow lenses heighten ball visibility against the court background.

They also reduce harsh glare from indoor lights better than clear lenses. That makes yellow tints ideal for enhancing visibility under bright gymnasium lights.

While some amber or brown tints can work decently inside, the preferred palette is clear or sport-optimized yellow lenses. These two choices fine-tune visibility of pickleballs in flight inside while cutting glare and eye fatigue from artificial lighting.

For versatility, having both clear and yellow lenses readily swappable is recommended by indoor players.

What to Avoid in Pickleball Eyewear

Here are some things to generally avoid when selecting sunglasses specifically for pickleball play:

Gray Lenses

While gray lenses work well for general sunglass use, they are not ideal for the fast-action visual demands of pickleball. Gray tints equally filter all color spectrums, which can flatten contrasts on the court environment.

This can make quickly tracking pickleballs against the varied backgrounds more difficult. For that reason, gray lenses are generally avoided in favor of more vibrant enhancing colors.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are also generally discouraged for dedicated pickleball eyewear. While they cut glare amazingly, polarized lenses can distort visibility of the ball off paddles or when you quickly tip your head to track shots.

The polarized filtration distorts certain angles, interfering with rapid ball tracking. So most players forego polarization in favor of crisp universal visibility offered by non-polarized sport tints.

Other lens qualities to avoid are dark shades like black and mirrored coatings. These overly dim visibility, especially for indoor play. Going too dark sacrifices the quick ball spotting ability key in pickleball for fashionable appearance.

Keeping lenses lighter and visibility maximized is the way to go for performance optimization.


Finding the right pickleball sunglasses involves balancing eye protection, visibility needs, and personal fit and style preferences. Start by considering when and where you typically play – outdoors or indoors, sun or variable weather.

For outdoor play, look for non-polarized lenses in brown, copper, yellow/amber, or rose tints to sharpen visibility while cutting glare. Wrap-around sport frames offer stability and adjustable comfort options aid distraction-free play.

Indoors, clear lenses optimize visibility under artificial lights. Or go with yellow/amber tints to heighten ball tracking against backgrounds. Comfort and secure fit still hold importance for concentration.

Ideally having multiple light-tailored lenses, like brown and rose or clear and yellow, gives needed adaptability across different playing environments. Upgrade to prescription or interchangeable lenses as desired.

Do some trial testing to find your personal vision sweet spot balancing lens tint, frame style, and adjustable comfort for hours out on the pickleball courts!


What are the best shades for pickleball?

The best shades for pickleball are those that offer 100% UV400 protection and have polarized lenses to eliminate glare. Look for lightweight, impact-resistant frames for comfort during quick movements on the court.

Should I get polarized sunglasses or not?

Yes, polarized sunglasses are highly recommended for pickleball. They block harmful UVA and UVB rays while eliminating glare, providing clear vision and enhancing your overall playing experience.

What color sunglass lens is best for pickleball?

For pickleball, it’s advisable to choose lenses with neutral colors like gray or brown. These tints maintain color accuracy, reduce brightness, and offer excellent contrast on the court.

What color lenses are best for indoor sports?

For indoor sports like pickleball, lenses with an amber or light rose tint are ideal. These colors enhance contrast and visibility in lower light conditions, helping you track the ball effectively.

How do I clean my pickleball sunglass lenses?

To clean your pickleball sunglass lenses, use a microfiber cleaning cloth included in your package. Gently wipe away any smudges or debris. Avoid using abrasive materials, and if needed, rinse the lenses with water before wiping them. This ensures longevity and maintains the clarity of your sunglasses.

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