what to wear to play pickleball

What to wear when playing pickleball: A Complete Outfit Guide

Pickleball is a fun sport that is becoming more and more popular. It is similar to tennis and is played on a small court with paddles and a plastic ball. Having the right clothes and gear makes playing pickleball more enjoyable and safer. This article will talk about what to wear for pickleball. It will cover shirts, shorts, shoes, and other items you need to play your best.

The right outfit lets you move freely and prevent injury on the court. Read on to learn how choosing the perfect pickleball clothes can improve your game!

What To Wear When Playing Pickleball

What to Wear to Play Pickleball? When playing pickleball, it’s important to wear the appropriate attire to ensure comfort and flexibility on the court. Pickleball apparel, also known as pickleball clothing, is designed specifically for this sport, providing players with a range of movement and breathability. A typical pickleball outfit consists of a moisture-wicking capability to keep players dry during intense gameplay, along with shorts or skirts for unrestricted movement.

It’s also important to wear proper footwear to prevent any potential injuries on the pickleball court. Additionally, having a good-quality pickleball paddle is essential for gameplay. Overall, choosing the right pickleball clothing and accessories is crucial for a successful and enjoyable experience on the court. Pickleball attire is crafted to enhance your appearance and optimize your performance.

Top Half: Pickleball Shirts and Tops

Wear T-Shirts to Play Pickleball

T-shirts are a popular option for pickleball. It’s best to wear loose, breathable t-shirts that don’t restrict your movement. Look for shirts made of moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry as you play. If playing outdoors, be sure to wear t-shirts with UV protection. The loose fit and breathable, high-tech fabrics make t-shirts an ideal pickleball top. The modal fabric is incredibly soft and keeps you cool.

wear T shirt while playing Pickleball
A women wear T Shirt while playing pickleball

Polo Shirts

Some pickleball players prefer collared polo shirts. Polo shirts are typically lightweight, stretchy, and use high-performance materials that allow flexibility. The collared polo style looks tidy while still giving you full freedom to hit shots. The blend of style and function makes polos a good choice.

Tank Tops

Tank tops are great for keeping cool in hot pickleball weather. Opt for racerback tank tops that won’t limit your range of motion. More fitted, close-fitting tank tops should be tucked in to your shorts or skirt to avoid restricting your swing or movements. The open, breathable style of tanks helps you stay cool while playing hard. If you’re a woman, you can wear some beautiful tennis skirts, polo shirts, sports bras, tank tops, and a comfortable pair of athletic shoes.

Wear Long Sleeves

Long-sleeve shirts provide protection from the sun and wind chill on cooler pickleball days. To avoid feeling restricted, choose lightweight and breathable long-sleeve fabrics. If sleeves still impede your mobility, you can loosen them or roll them up. The coverage of long sleeves gives you sun and wind protection without sacrificing ease of movement.

Bottom Half: Pickleball Shorts, Skirts and Pants

Wear Shorts to Play Pickleball

Shorts are most common for pickleball because they allow free movement. Look for lightweight, smooth fabrics like polyester. Inseams are usually 5-8 inches long. An elastic waist with drawcord provides a customized fit. Side slits in shorts improve mobility.

Skirts and Skorts

Many women prefer skirts or skorts for modesty and ease of movement. They are lightweight and have built-in shorts or tights underneath. This allows leg freedom while maintaining coverage. Quick-drying, moisture-wicking materials keep you comfortable.

Wear Capris and Pants

Capris and pants provide more coverage and warmth in cool weather. The key is stretchy, breathable, sweat-wicking fabric. Ankle-length capris allow air flow to the lower legs. Full-length pants should be made of lightweight material that doesn’t restrict movement.

Compression Tights and Leggings

Wear compression tights or leggings under shorts or skirts for support and coverage. They provide warmth in cooler temperatures. Look for moisture-wicking, fast-drying compression fabric. Compression bottoms allow unrestricted mobility and circulation.

Footwear: The Best Pickleball Shoes

Court Shoes vs Cross Trainers vs Running Shoes

Court shoes are the best for pickleball. They provide good traction and support for movements like sidesteps. Cross-trainers are comfortable but don’t work as well for lateral motions. Running shoes focus on forward motion rather than multi-directional play.

Other Things to Look For

Consider the weight, cushioning, and ankle support of the shoe. Make sure they fit properly to prevent injury. Look for breathable upper material. Non-marking soles can be used indoors and outdoors. Durable shoes will last longer. Some styles work better for narrow, wide, or flat feet.

The right shoes provide stability and enhance performance. Don’t just wear any athletic shoe; choose footwear designed for the quick, lateral motions of pickleball. Prioritize court shoes over cross-trainers or running shoes. Pickleball puts unique demands on your feet and shoes. Wearing the correct footwear makes you less prone to injury and gives you an edge in your game.

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Can you wear tennis clothes to play pickleball?

Yes, you can wear tennis clothes to play pickleball. Pickleball and tennis share many similarities in terms of movement, so the clothing and shoes designed for tennis are also suitable for the game of pickleball. Tennis clothes are typically made from lightweight, breathable materials that allow for ease of movement and comfort during physical activity.

Tennis shoes provide good support and traction, which are also beneficial for playing pickleball. Additionally, the relaxed and casual nature of pickleball means that you can feel comfortable wearing your tennis clothes to play this popular and fun sport. So, go ahead and grab your tennis attire for your next pickleball game!

Accessories: Wear Misc Gear that Enhances your Game

Wear Visors and Hats

Visors and hats are great for keeping the sun and glare out of your eyes while playing pickleball. They also absorb forehead sweat and let heat escape from your head. Look for visors and hats with vented fabric. Wide-brim hats provide extra sun protection. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen regularly! Sunglasses also help reduce glare and keep your focus on the ball; try polarized lenses.

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Sweatbands and Headbands

Wearing sweatbands on your wrists/forehead prevents sweat from dripping into your eyes and hands. Headbands neatly pull back hair that could interfere with play. Look for soft, stretchy, lightweight materials that feel comfortable.

Pickleball Bags

A pickleball bag carries all your gear to and from the court. Get a bag big enough to fit your needs. Bags with multiple pockets and compartments keep everything neatly organized. Padded shoulder straps make the bags comfortable to carry. Some bags have straps that detach for easy storage.


Gripping Gloves

Gripping gloves improve paddle grip and absorb sweat during play. They help prevent painful blisters from long periods of grip pressure. Fingerless-style gloves allow free dexterity of the fingers while protecting the palms. Look for breathable glove fabrics that keep hands cool and dry. The gloves should fit snugly but not restrict movement.

Compression Sleeves

Wearing compression sleeves during pickleball reduces inflammation and injury risk. The gentle pressure provides warmth and supports arm and leg muscles and joints. They are made of moisture-wicking fabric to absorb sweat. Use sleeves on any body part needing extra protection.

Waterproof Gear

For wet weather play, waterproof jackets, pants, and shoe covers will keep you dry without restricting movement. Look for waterproof gear made of breathable fabrics that don’t cause overheating. The gear should be flexible and move comfortably with you.

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Pickleball Outfit

Choosing Outfits for Men and Women

Here are some tips for choosing a pickleball outfit:

Picking Styles for Men and Women

Mix and Match the Basics

  • Combine staple tops and bottoms for a functional style
  • Coordinate colours of your shirts and shorts or skirts
  • Matching sets look put together

Style Considerations

  • Women can wear feminine cuts, prints and colours
  • Men should stick to solid colours and athletic shapes
  • Coordinate your shoes, hat, wristbands, etc.
Focus on Comfort
  • Don’t wear anything too loose, tight or revealing
  • Move freely without worrying about your clothing
  • Keep your focus on playing, not your outfit

The right pickleball clothes let you play your best game. Build outfits from versatile basics that maximize comfort and performance. Choose gear made from technical fabrics that keep you cool, dry, and unrestricted. Select colours, cuts, and styles that make you feel confident and focused on the court.

Does pickleball have a dress code?

There is no official dress code for pickleball. Players are encouraged to wear comfortable and breathable clothing that allows for freedom of movement, especially for outdoor pickleball. Since pickleball is a fast-paced game that requires quick movements and agility, it is important to wear clothing that allows for flexibility and comfort.

Many players opt for moisture-wicking materials to keep them dry and comfortable during intense matches. While there are no strict guidelines for attire, it is common to see players in athletic wear such as shorts, performance shirts, and tennis shoes to ensure they can move easily and play their best.


Having the proper gear and clothing is crucial for optimal pickleball performance. You should choose function over fashion; pick clothes that facilitate ease of movement rather than hinder it. Look for moisture-wicking, breathable fabrics that will keep you cool and dry through long games. Make sure to wear shoes that provide adequate support and traction for quick lateral movements and stops.

Dress comfortably for the weather conditions – shorts and breathable shirts for hot weather or long sleeves and pants for cool temps. Your pickleball outfit should be made of high quality, durable materials that will stand the test of time.

The right clothing allows you to move freely without distraction, absorb sweat, and play at your highest level. Follow these tips to pick shirts, bottoms, footwear and accessories that will enhance your game. With gear tailored for pickleball’s unique demands, you’ll gain an edge on the court and be ready to play your best!

Frequently Asked Questions

What clothing fabrics work best?

Look for moisture-wicking synthetic blends that are breathable.

How tight should my clothes be?

Loose enough to allow full range of motion. Not baggy.

Should I wear compression shorts?

They provide support, but regular shorts work too.

Should I tuck in or leave out my shirt?

Personal preference, but leave it out if it fits tighter.

What are the best pickleball shoes?

Shoes are designed for racquet or court sports, not running.

Do I need different clothes for indoors vs. outdoors?

Not necessarily; dress for the temperature.

How do I dress neatly but stay cool?

Lightweight, breathable fabrics and layers you can shed.

What’s best for summer play?

Light, airy fabrics. Shorts, tank tops, breathable shoes.

How do I choose flattering plus-sized apparel?

Seek stretchy athletic cuts in fun colors/prints.

Should I just wear tennis outfits?

Pickleball-specific clothes allow better range of motion.

Comfort and functionality should be your priorities when choosing pickleball outfits. Consider the weather, fit, and fabric to find clothes that enhance your game.

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