Best Pickleball and Tennis Ball Hoppers with Wheels of 2024

Top 7 Best Pickleball and Tennis Ball Hoppers with Wheels of 2024: Reviews and Comparison

In the world of tennis and pickleball, time on the court matters. The right pickleball and tennis ball hopper keeps the game moving, bringing more balls into play with less effort. In 2024, new standards are being introduced. Ball hoppers that stand out offer more than just storage; they become a player’s ally.

What sets apart a ball hopper in 2024? It starts with a tough design and ends with ease of use. Some have features we hadn’t seen before. They fold down small but stand up to hard use. They hold many balls but never feel too heavy to carry. Players and coaches are looking for these qualities now. They know good gear makes better players.

This guide speaks to those who spend their days on the court or supply those who do. It talks about what matters in 2024 for anyone serious about tennis or pickleball. Let’s discover together which ball hoppers lead the pack this year and why they change the game for everyone who uses them. We have carefully evaluated each product based on capacity, durability, manoeuvrability, and user-friendly features, ensuring that you get the perfect hopper for your needs.

What is a Pickleball Caddy?

A Pickleball Caddy is a piece of equipment designed to help pickleball players easily collect and store pickleballs during a game or practice session. A Pickleball Caddy, similar to a tennis ball basket, can hold approximately 90 balls and has wheels to facilitate the transport of many balls across the pickleball court.

Players of all levels can use the ball collector and feeder both indoors and outdoors, making it a versatile tool. The ball collector and feeder serve as a versatile tool for players of all levels, who can use it both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, they can adjust the sliding bars at the top to flip the caddy and use it as a ball mower or pickup tube. Whether you’re an advanced pickleball or tennis player, a Pickleball Caddy is a convenient addition to your pickleball equipment.

Why Invest in a Ball Hopper?

A ball hopper saves time. It makes practice efficient. Players hit more balls without stopping. Coaches spend less time gathering and more time teaching. This simple tool turns a chaotic pile of tennis or pickleball balls into organized readiness. When the court is in your arena, every second counts.

Efficiency translates to better training sessions. Imagine spending an entire practice hitting, serving, and volleying instead of picking up balls. That’s what a good hopper does. It’s not just about holding balls; it’s about keeping the rhythm of the practice alive. Players improve faster when their focus stays on the game, not on the cleanup.

Ball hoppers serve a critical role in both individual and group settings. For coaches working with young athletes, it’s about demonstrating respect for training time, maximizing engagement and interaction. Time saved picking up is time earned for coaching finer points of play or engaging in one more drill that could make all the difference during match day. In essence, investing in a quality ball hopper is investing in an athlete’s growth and love for the game.

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How To Choose The Right Pickleball and Tennis Ball Hopper? Buying Guide 

 Strong materials make a hopper last. Metal frames resist wear. Some use weatherproof coatings to fight rust. This matters on sunny courts and during long practice sessions. A durable design is a smart investment.

Size varies. Coaches need more balls than solo players. Hoppers hold from fifty to over one hundred balls. The right choice depends on the player’s needs and the intensity of the sessions. More balls mean less stopping. Time is precious on the court.

Ease of transport is key. Wheels laid movement across different surfaces. Handles adjust for comfort while carrying or picking up balls. Portability makes moving between points smooth. Foldable legs turn hoppers into standing baskets for easy access.

In 2024, these features combine in new ways. They meet the needs of passionate players and serious coaches alike. Each detail adds value to practice times, making every session count more.

1. Size

When choosing the right pickleball hopper or tennis ball hopper basket, one important factor to consider is the ball capacity. Depending on your needs and how often you play pickleball or tennis, you may want a hopper that can hold a large number of balls. Look for hoppers  which can hold around 150 balls. 

2. Weight

When it comes to choosing the right pickleball hopper or tennis ball hopper, weight is an important factor to consider. You want a hopper that is sturdy and easy to carry, but also lightweight and portable. 

3. Height

When choosing the right pickleball hopper or tennis ball collector, one important factor to consider is the height of the hopper or collector. A height of around 29.5 inches is ideal as it allows you to easily pick up the balls without having to bend over and strain your back. Look for hoppers with an adjustable handle that can be flipped to be used as a pickleball paddle as well. 

4. Legs

Look for a hopper that is easy to use and easy to carry, with wheels that make collecting balls easily a breeze. Adjustable hoppers can be flipped to be used for indoor or outdoor use, giving you versatility in where you play pickleball or tennis.

 The compact design and sturdy and easy to use features of these hoppers can save you a lot of time and effort on the court. Look for a hopper with a quick closure mechanism and a handle for easy transportation, to help you pick up the balls quickly and efficiently.

5. Budget-Friendly Picks without Compromising Quality

Money matters. But quality does too. The market brings good news in 2024 for tennis and pickleball players watching their wallets. There are ball hoppers that don’t break the bank yet hold their own on the court. You find these gems and they serve well. No, they might not boast all the high-end features. Yet, they catch balls, they last, they help at practice just as well.

What do these budget-friendly options offer? They give us capacity and durability. They might miss out on premium finishes or advanced convertible features. But when you’re playing, the ball doesn’t notice. The best value buys under a specific budget make you think twice about expensive tastes. Brands known for sky-high prices face competition from these underdogs. Players appreciate it.

Comparing side by side, you see differences but also surprising similarities between budget models and their pricier counterparts. Some have sleek designs; others stand tall on basics alone. Both types find space in our bags because we judge them by how they roll on the court and hold up after months of use—not just by how they look when new or what perks they claim to offer.

In the end, picking a ball hopper isn’t about splurging money—it’s about value, need, and sense on the field. 2024 shows us that quality can come without a hefty tag if you know where to look and what truly counts for your game practice routine.

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Tips for Maintenance Pickleball and Tennis Ball Hoppers 

  • Keep the ball hopper clean – wash with soap and water regularly
  • Dry it thoroughly to prevent rust
  • Store indoors when possible to avoid sun/rain damage
  • Check parts periodically and tighten/repair as needed
  • Let manufacturer repair major issues under warranty
  • Store carefully – don’t overpack or warp the frame Keep hopper upright in a cool, dry place
  • A well-maintained hopper helps practices run smoothly
  • Caring for your gear shows respect for the game
  • Proper hopper maintenance builds discipline
  • Looking after your equipment echoes self-care as a player
  • Developing care for all aspects of tennis/pickleball builds legacy

7 Best Pickleball Ball and Tennis Ball Hoppers for 2024

Pickleball players know the value of time on the court. A good ball hopper saves that time. It keeps the game moving. In 2024, the best pickleball and tennis hoppers bring more than just storage. They bring innovation designed for pickleball specifics. These hoppers handle outdoor conditions and frequent use with ease.

1. Gamma Pickleball 75 Ball Hopper

editor Runner UP
Gamma Pickleball and tennis Hopper
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

As someone who loves playing pickleball, I highly recommend the Gamma Ball Hopper Hi-Rise with Wheels from gamma sports. This ball basket is perfect for storing and carrying all your pickleball balls. The extendable handle and large wheels make it easy to move from your car to the courts.

It can hold up to 75 balls, so you’ll have plenty of room to keep them all in one place. The basket is made of strong carbon-steel wire and has a special weather-resistant coating. This means it will last for many years without rusting or getting damaged.

One of the best things about this hopper is how easy it is to move around. It has wheels and locking handles, so you can simply roll it to the court or practice area. No more struggling to carry heavy baskets!

Setting it up takes just a few minutes. The lid stays attached to prevent balls from spilling out. And the wires at the bottom make it super easy to scoop up balls without bending over.


  • Holds 75 balls lots of storage space!
  • Very durable, won’t rust or break easily
  • Wheels and handles make it portable
  • Lid prevents balls from falling out
  • Bottom wires allow easy ball pick-up


  • A bit heavy at 6.3 pounds

If you play pickleball regularly, the Gamma Ball Hopper is a must-have. It will keep your balls organized and make it so much easier to transport them.

2. Tourna Pickleball and Tennis Ball Hopper with Wheels

all age and skill ball hooper
Tourna Ballport Deluxe Tennis Ball Hopper with Wheels
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

The Tourna Ballport is the best ball hopper for pickleball players of any age or skill level. It can hold up to 80 balls, so you’ll never run out during practice or games.

What makes this hopper so great is how lightweight and durable it is. At only 4.5 pounds, it’s super easy to carry around, even for kids or older adults. But it’s still built very tough from heavy-duty plastic that won’t rust, peel or break.

The smart design has patented features that make the Tourna Ball port hopper is easy to use. The locking handles keep the legs securely in place so balls never spill out. The rolling bars on the bottom allow you to scoop balls up easily, even when the hopper is full. And the sliding top closure makes transporting it simple.


  • Holds 80 balls
  • Extremely lightweight at 4.5 lbs
  • Durable plastic, no rust
  • Locking handles prevent spills
  • Bottom rollers for easy ball pickup


  • Requires some quick assembly because Legs are too long 

With its huge capacity and user-friendly design, the Tourna Ball port is a pickleball essential.

3. A11N Pickleball Tennis Ball Hopper

editor,s pick
A11N Pickleball Tennis Ball Hopper with pockets and wheels
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

The A11N Pickleball Hopper is the perfect choice for serious pickleball players and coaches. It can hold a massive 100 pickleballs or 120 tennis balls so you never run out during practice. The sturdy buckle keeps the basket steady even when completely full.

This hopper is super convenient with its mesh lid and three side pockets. You can store paddles, towels, water bottles, and personal items right in the pockets – everything you need in one spot! It’s made of tough 600D nylon and an aluminum frame to withstand lots of use.

One of the best features is the smooth wheels that let you easily roll the hopper anywhere on the court. The lockable caster prevents wobbling too. Setting it up literally takes 3 seconds to unfold.

When done, it folds up compactly into the included storage bag. Using a tennis ball hopper or basket is the quickest way to pick up tennis balls. These baskets can easily collect multiple balls from the court at once.


  • Huge 100 pickleball/120 tennis ball capacity
  • Pockets for storing gear and accessories
  • Durable nylon and aluminum construction
  • Smooth rolling wheels and lockable caster
  • Instant 3-second set up, folds into bag


  • Slightly bulkier design than some hoppers

Whether coaching or playing, the A11N Pickleball Hopper makes your life so much easier with its big capacity and user-friendly design.

4. WILSON Tennis and Pickleball Hooper

awesome indoor and outdoor retriever
WILSON Balls Hooper
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

The Wilson 90 Tennis Ball Hopper is the perfect tennis ball retriever for any serious pickleball player. It holds a whopping 90 balls, so you’ll never run out during long indoor or outdoor practice sessions with different types of balls.

The random oscillation allows two people to practice at the same time and perfect their doubles game.

What makes this hopper so great is its smart design. The lid securely hooks on top to prevent balls from spilling out – no more chasing runaways! The handles fold down into locking legs for easy ball feeding when hitting. Can’t match that convenience!

When it’s time to switch courts, simply fold the handles back up for carrying. The lightweight graphite build means no struggle, even with 90 balls inside.


  • Massive 90 ball capacity won’t limit your practice
  • Lid hooks on to contain balls – no spills!
  • Folding lockable legs for easy ball feeding
  • Portable lightweight graphite frame
  • Perfect indoor and outdoor tennis ball retriever


  • Difficult to unlock the legs from the metal hooks

Whether using different types of balls or just working on your strokes, the Wilson 90 Hopper is an awesome indoor and outdoor retriever that can’t be matched for convenience.

5. Oncourt Offcourt Pickleball Hopper

cheap handy ball hooper
Oncourt Offcourt Handy Hopper
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

The Handy Hopper is a super convenient way to carry all kinds of balls during practice. This clever pouch can hold up to 36 tennis balls, 21 softballs, 35 baseballs, or 34 pickleballs. So versatile for any sport!

What makes the Handy Hopper so great is its hands-free design. The adjustable strap lets you wear it comfortably around your waist. No more lugging around a heavy bucket or hopper!

You’ll have balls right at your fingertips for doing drills. This makes my life so much easier not have to bend over and pick up the pickle balls with plain.

It’s perfect for coaches who are constantly moving from court to court. Simply strap it on and you’ve got a steady ball supply, no matter where you roam. No more wasted time fetching balls!

Players will also love the Handy Hopper for mobile drills like serve practice. It’s so much easier than carrying a big hopper everywhere.


  • Holds up to 36 tennis balls (or Pickleball balls)
  • Convenient hands-free waist strap
  • Great for mobile coaching and drills
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Durable construction


  • May not last as long as a metal hopper

The Handy Hopper eliminates hassle and keeps your practice sessions smooth and productive. For coaches and players, it’s a game-changing ball carrier!

6. ASENVER Tennis Ball Cart Removable Pickleballs Hopper with Wheels

large capacity verstyle ball hooper
ASENVER Tennis Ball and Pickleballs Hopper with Wheels
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

I’m thrilled to introduce the ASENVER Tennis Ball Cart – a game-changing piece of equipment that promises to revolutionize your practice sessions. This versatile cart is designed to cater to the needs of players of all ages and skill levels, offering unparalleled convenience and functionality.

With an impressive capacity of up to 160 tennis balls, you’ll never have to worry about running out of ammunition during your intense drills or warm-up routines. The sturdy polyester construction ensures durability, while the lightweight aluminum alloy frame allows for effortless mobility between locations.

One of the standout features of this cart is its versatility. Not only is it perfect for tennis balls, but it also accommodates baseballs, softballs, pickleballs, and various other ball types, making it a versatile addition to your sports equipment arsenal.

Setting up the ASENVER Tennis Ball Cart is a breeze, thanks to its easy-to-use design. The adjustable height, ranging from 29.9 inches to 37.7 inches, ensures an ergonomic experience for players of different heights, preventing unnecessary strain and discomfort.

This tennis ball collector basket is perfect for indoor and outdoor pickleball or tennis. Also an essential piece of court equipment for schools, coaches and clubs.


  • Massive 160 tennis ball capacity for extended practice sessions.
  • Durable polyester construction and light weight aluminum alloy frame.
  • Versatile design accommodates various ball types beyond tennis.
  • Adjustable height for ergonomic use by players of all sizes.
  • Portable and easy to transport between locations.


  • The wheels may not be best quality.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a budding enthusiast, the ASENVER Tennis Ball Cart is an investment that will pay dividends in your pickleball journey. Its large capacity, versatility, and ease of use make it a must-have for anyone seeking a convenient and efficient practice experience.

7. ELKCIP Portable Pickleball and Tennis Ball Collector

portable ball hooper for pickleball
Portable Pickleball & Tennis Ball Collector
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating

This pickleball and tennis ball collector is a total game-changer! It makes gathering balls up after practicing or playing so much easier. The big basket can hold 50 pickleballs or a whopping 80 tennis balls. That means you can pick up all the balls in just one trip instead of going back and forth a bunch of times.

One of the coolest features are the locking handles. Once you extend them out, they lock firmly in place so the basket won’t accidentally detach while scooping balls. No more spilled balls to chase down!

Using this collector is also way better for your body than constantly bending over. The design lets you pick balls up without straining your back, hips or knees from too much bending. Such a relief!

But it doesn’t just collect balls – it stores them too. The basket doubles as a caddy to hold all your pickleballs or tennis balls neatly. Super convenient for drills where you need to rapidly feed balls.


  • Huge 50 pickleball/80 tennis ball capacity
  • Locking handles prevent detaching
  • No more straining your body bending over
  • Basket is a handy ball storage caddy
  • Simple to use


  • Relatively heavy to lift

The Portable Ball Collector makes practicing and playing so much more efficient and easy on your body. A must-have for any serious pickleball or tennis enthusiast!



To sum it all up, having a good quality ball hopper is essential for any pickleball or tennis player who wants to take their game to the next level. It makes practice sessions so much more efficient and enjoyable.

After reviewing several top options, I’d recommend the A11N Pickleball Tennis Ball Hopper as the best overall choice. This hopper can hold a massive 100 pickleballs or 120 tennis balls, so you’ll never run out mid-practice. It’s made of durable nylon and has handy pockets to store all your gear too.

What really sets it apart is the smooth 360° wheels that let you easily roll it anywhere on the court. The lockable caster prevents wobbling. And you can set it up or fold it down in just 3 seconds – so convenient!

While a bit bulkier than basic hoppers, the A11N model’s huge capacity, smart design, and durable construction make it worth the investment, especially for coaches. Your practice will be more focused without constant ball chasing and hopper adjusting. Upgrade to the A11N Hopper for a true game-changing experience!

so you don’t have to spend time searching through the Amazon website, we’ve collected seven of the best pickleball caddies on Amazon tohelp you choose your caddy so it can ship and deliver quickly as soon as you sign in to the website to purchase.


 How To Choose The Right Tennis Ball Hopper?

Look for one with a large capacity to hold enough balls for your needs. Wheels and a lightweight design make it easy to move around. Quality construction ensures it will last.

How do you use a pickleball machine?

Just load the machine with balls, set the speed and spin, and it will shoot balls out for you to hit. Lets you practice solo by feeding you balls continuously.

How does a tennis ball hopper work?

It’s a big basket that holds a bunch of tennis balls. It has wheels to easily roll it courtside. You can pick balls out the top or tip it over to feed balls onto the court.

How long do tennis ball hoppers last?

A good quality hopper made of durable materials like steel or plastic can easily last 5-10 years with regular use if properly maintained.

How many tennis balls can a hopper fit?

Hoppers come in different sizes, but common capacities are 60, 75, 90, or up to 120 tennis balls.

Should I pick a lightweight tennis ball hopper?

Lighter weight hoppers are easier to move around, but heavier duty ones are more durable. Consider a model with wheels if you need to transport a lot of balls.

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